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Forensic Science Services
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Fee Schedule and Services
Hourly Rate: $250.00

Case Review:  Misdemeanor DUI cases $200.00.  Written reports $250.00
Felonies and civil cases will be charged at the above hourly rate.

DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings$500.00 (Does NOT include case review fee of $200.00).

Court Appearance$850.00 for Fresno appearance (includes travel time) all other appearances are based on location.  Call or email for cost.  Maximum daily rate is $3,500.  A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to calendar a trial.

Written Declarations$500.00

Depositions$750.00 travel time and mileage.

Video Review: Review of your MVARS or other video $100.00.

Breath Instrument Title 17 Compliance Review$100.00. Laboratory and/or calibration records must be provided.

Review of Laboratory Blood Analysis records$150.00.
Laboratory records must be provided.

                          All fees are charged "portal to portal" and are
                             exclusive of mileage and direct expenses.

                 All fees are the responsibility of the retaining attorney and no
                 work will be performed contingent upon payment by the client.

                             All fees are subject to change without notice.